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A high level group coaching program for Christian women that are 6 and 7 figure Entrepreneurs

A high level group coaching program for Christian women that are 6 and 7 figure Entrepreneurs and are searching for a safe container to ditch the shame, learn to rest and deepen their relationship with Jesus while they are building and scaling successful their businesses.


There is NOTHING else like this out there. Sure, you’ll find manifestation coaches, business coaches and mindset coaches and they will all tell you that you need to join them so you can make more money.

I won’t tell you that.

Your problem isn’t how to make more money. Until you’re ready to ditch that lie, you’re not ready for the transformation that God has in store for you. That’s where this mastermind is different.



This mastermind has the power to transform your life FOREVER.

When you learn to trust, to rest and to never indulge in shame again, there is NOTHING that cannot do. And then enemy knows that. And he knows how powerful you are. How powerful your creator is. And he is terrified. DO NOT HIDE. Quit playing small.



This mastermind is not a luxury. It’s not an add-on. IT IS A NECESSITY. Your life and your business will stay STUCK as long as you believe the lie that you can do it on your own. Sis, you were not made to do it on your own. The answer ISN’T inside you. The answer is not yours. The answer is choosing to partner with the Holy Spirit in yourself and inside of other powerful Christian women.


- you are a 6 or 7 figure earning Christian female entrepreneur

- you want to grow your business without sacrificing your non-negotiables

- you want to create a life aligned with God's assignment for you

- you want to learn how to rest well and clock out of your mind in order to be present fully

- you want to heal your money story and step into your calling

- you want to establish self-trust

- you want to avoid burnout or transition out of burnout

into creativity, inspiration and a clear plan for the future

- you want to rediscover your vision for your life and business and acquire the tools to put it into action

- you want to shift your mindset and take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Jesus

- you want to grow in your leadership skills needed to run a team as the

CEO of your business and also the COO of your home


- a clear understanding of your identity and self-worth

- a trust community of high achieving women just like you

- a strengthened marriage

- elevated communication around boundaries

- planned vacations and intentional rest without guilt

 - confidence celebrating monetary and non-monetary wins in business

- safety around money and a plan to steward it well

- tools to manage your own mind and control your thoughts

- the ability to replace fear and insecurity with confidence and courage



investment: $10,000 payment plans available



This training will allow you to explore, uncover, strategize and plan for the next 6 months. You'll have everything you need to be set up for success.



Zoom calls in a group to get coached and learn from peers getting coached.



2 day retreat at the end of the mastermind to meet members, celebrate and rest.(Travel expenses are not included in price of mastrmind).





Online group to ask questions, get feedback, and support your fellow mastermind peers.



6 exclusive 1:1 coaching sessions with Whitney.

Applications closed
next mastermind starting March 2025.

Group Coaching for Christian Female Entrepreneurs

Kristen, Founder and CEO
of Called To More

I was worried about how I was going to tell my largest client about the changes I was going to make in my business this year as I step into the CEO role completely. I mean, the total opposite of how I thought she would react. She was like, “Yes, raise your prices. I’m so excited for you.” Then, my other client said, “I’m very proud of your bravery moving into the CEO role, because that’s something I don’t know if I could ever do.” She was excited to stay with us. Both of them are willing to renew.

A weight is off my shoulders. Together, I would have had 70 weddings to edit for the year. I feel good about it. I see the total benefit of confidently jumping with both feet in, as opposed to tip toe into the CEO role which would have just set me back. What a three year plan would have been a five year plan because of how I would have approached it because I was afraid.

6 and 7 figure earners Christian Life Coaching

Danielle, CEO of 
Simply Put Design Co.

“Working with Whitney week to week has been catalytic, a refreshment to my soul and has provided the grounded, biblical approach to work and life that I have been seeking as I grow my business and live life day to day. I feel humbled and grateful to learn from and grow with Whitney as my business/life coach — She is gifted in listening, understanding and communicating in a way that meets me where I am in the moment, to propel me into the rest of my week with a discernible list of actions and principles to aid me throughout my days. Whether you are an established entrepreneur, or someone starting out exploring what work means to you, and exploring how to see your business take shape, Whitney is a wonderful advisor and coach to that process, regardless of where you stand. She is skillful, knowledgeable, compassionate, sensible, kind, and full of wisdom. I will be forever grateful to her and for her role in my life in this season!”

High achieving Christian Female Entrepreneurs

Leslie, Entrepreneur

I’ve earned more money in the last two months because of working with you, even though that wasn’t the bottom line, I was more productive and stayed on course because our weekly coaching. I knew what to do. Because of your productivity coaching, I am 100% enjoying this week (before baby comes), because I had it on the calendar and I crossed off everything that we said we were going to do in the weeks leading up to this. And so, you grew my bottom line. It wasn’t because you had a course for me to show me how to build my funnels. I already knew how to do that. And yes, we did talk about marriage, yes, we did talk about birth, yes, we did talk about other things and those actually do grow my bottom line because a lot of times, in business, when our life is amuck, it 100% has an affect on our businesses. You didn’t sell me systems, but you were still an excellent business coach. This was the first time where in 2 months, I had a weekly plan and I did everything I set out to do. If I hadn’t worked with you, I wouldn’t have launched my podcast, I wouldn’t have recorded my birth course, I wouldn’t have built out a business course. You helped me position myself. Any fruit that I experienced, I can tie it back to your coaching.

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