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The Well Mastermind

Sufficiency is not easy to come by these days. And especially sufficiency if you’re a believer. It’s easier to believe there’s not enough room. Or there’s someone already doing what we are. And it robs us of our joy. I believe now more than ever that the enemy is on the prowl. And in my line of work, I see him going after the minds of Christian women. He’s so sneaky. And so crafty. And what I’m noticing is that his favorite thing is to isolate our minds so we believe we are the only one struggling with that. We believe the lie, “No one else will understand.” “Friendships are exhausting.” “I can’t take on anyone else’s junk right now… I’ve got too much of my own to deal with.” “I won’t be respected if ‘she’ knew what I was walking through.”

It's sad, but I literally HEAR these thoughts from women every single day. I’ve asked myself this… if I was the enemy… what would I do? What would be my motive? And you know what I came up with? Take them away from one another and make them believe they can’t have community AND be a successful business owner. And as far as I can tell, he’s doing a pretty good job making this happen.

I want us as women to push one another forward WITH the belief there is enough room for all of us. I want us to share one another’s burdens… not hide them. I want us to love one another at such a deep level that we can’t HELP but shout what ‘she’s’ doing from the rooftop. I want the enemy to cringe at how powerful we are becoming because JESUS is at the forefront of everything we do.


Wells are significant. They are life. In the Bible, a well was a sign of blessing. In John 4, Jesus met the Samarian woman at the well and gave her a blessing. In Genesis 26, Isaac re-dug wells that his father Abraham had. When Moses was running from Pharaoh, he ended up at a well in Midian and met his future wife and stayed there for the next 40 years. Elijah met the widow at Zarephath and because of her faith was given a blessing. Wells were also a gathering place for women.


- you are an ambitious Christian female entrepreneur

- you want to grow your business without sacrificing your non-negotiables

- you want to step into the next level of responsibility as the CEO

- you are wanting to grow in confidence and decision making

- you want to heal your money story and step into your calling

- you want to establish self-trust


- a strengthened marriage

- elevated communication around boundaries

- planned vacations and intentional rest without guilt

 - confidence celebrating monetary and non-monetary wins in business

- deep understanding of your identity and self-worth

- safety around money and a plan to steward it well

- tools to manage your own mind and control your thoughts

- the ability to replace fear and insecurity with confidence and courage

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investment: $9,500 payment plans available

This training will allow you to explore, uncover, strategize and plan for the next 6 months. You'll have everything you need to be set up for success.



Zoom calls in a group to get coached and learn from peers getting coached.





Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback, and support your fellow mastermind peers.



2 exclusive 1:1 coaching sessions with Whitney.



 day retreat at the end of the mastermind to meet members, celebrate and rest.

(Travel expenses are not included in price of mastermind).

Next Mastermind Begins
February 13, 2024
RETREAT August 1-4, 2024


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If you're a brand new entrepreneur or not in a place to make a significant investment in your business yet,

this is the place for you!


- you want LIVE weekly coaching

- a supportive community of likeminded women

- exclusive training from expert coaches

- access to elevated conversations and encouragement

- first opportunity to registration for 1:1 and group coaching


- inspired and abundant direction

- tools for long-term goal setting

-the ability to manage your own thoughts

- biblical teaching and training on the Proverbs 31 woman

- accountability becoming the woman you're meant to be


Jennifer, Functional
Medicine Coach


I have been intentional about implementing all we have discussed about mindset, especially around finances and how scary it is to ask for money. I came in today, increased my prices and presented a 4K plan reflecting the new pricing. Patient signed without batting an eye! I was so nervous but focused on not projecting my feelings about finances and offering my value. This is such a huge victory!! Thank you for all your coaching and support. 


You’re awesome. Thank you for holding space for me to voice my hesitations and fears, knowing I fully trust you and the process (your coaching has proven itself repeatedly since we’ve been working together). You understand that my resistance isn’t questioning your guidance, it’s exposing my hangups. Then you help me bring them to a healthy place so I can stop holding myself back. You are an incredible coach. Signing up with you is the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my business. 

Heather Garfield.jpg

Heather, Nurse and Wellness Business Owner

If your ears were burning tonight, it was because I was speaking of you so favorably with a big group of friends of mine, some of whom I’ve been friends with of old and some of whom I just met tonight. But, I talked to them about how you are just impeccable. Impeccable timing, impeccable person, how you’re changing how I look at everything.​

I can’t believe how greatly you have impacted my life, and in more ways than one. As a Life Coach, you held space for me. Space to let me grow. Space to see the err in my ways of thoughts. Space to be witty. Space to be weary. You opened my eyes to see what was right before me, but hidden in my mind. You opened my heart to feel for those just “doing they best they can.” You opened my ears to listen to God’s leading. You opened my mind to know, think and confidently walk in belief in myself.

Stacey Piazza.jpg

Stacey, Life Coach

I can honestly say that Whitney has over delivered for me.  When she says that she "holds space for you", I can assure you that this is absolutely true.  My time with her is very focused and undistracted.  She takes the time to ask the right questions, she really listens and helps me to recognize certain thought patterns that I've been repeating over and over in my life.  I have had more AHA moments than I can even count.  I've learned so much about healthy boundaries, avoiding burnout, she points out strengths and talents of mine that I didn't even realize I had, and her thought model training is life changing.  I have never felt judged in any way and she does not tell me what I should do in any situation, but helps me greatly in coming to my own conclusion. She has given me very valuable resources outside of her coaching as well.

Whitney has flung open the doors of my dreams without even realizing it. I didn't even realize it. I had signed up for clarity in the direction of my business and maybe a few personal things but I had no idea.

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