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Life Coaching for Christian Female Entrepreneurs



Chasing discomfort looks different for everyone, yes.
Discomfort in this season might look like hitting “pause” on consistently creating or bringing in money and managing your mind around the feeling of “worthless” in order to rest well.
It may look like working on a project without anyone knowing about or without ever receiving any kind of credit or affirmation.
Maybe discomfort looks like working with others on goals that have nothing to do with you in order to create some space in your brain and bring you back to the value you’re putting into the world.
Discomfort might look like taking time to re-evaluate your identity.
Because here’s the honest truth…
You are driving yourself to burnout and exhausting yourself to the point of no return at the pace you’re going at right now.
And you’re not just sacrificing yourself.
Those closest to you are feeling the effects of your relentless pursuit to achieve and grow. Emotions have been set aside. Your fear of failure is overwhelming.
You’ve lost your ability to trust anyone’s motives. You can’t NOT compare yourself to what SHE’S doing. You’ve lost sight of what’s important, and in order to regain that, it means something else slips.
So where’s the line in feeling “peace” and “wisdom” and taking the risk and leaning into discomfort?
The risk, for you, is surrender. The risk lies in being honest with yourself.
Saying “yes” to coaching doesn’t mean you’re broken.
It doesn’t mean there’s a problem.
It doesn’t mean you’ve got “one more thing on your plate.”
It doesn’t mean you’ve failed.
Hiring a Life Coach means you are truly accepting yourself!

Maybe for the first time ever.
It means finding true authenticity and creating out of that space.
Hiring a Life Coach may be the highest reflection in your thoughts about yourself.
What if hiring a Life Coach was the most productive thing you can do for your life and your business?



- you are ready to step into the CEO role fulltime without burnout

- you are looking for a high level of accountability and direction

- you are ready to ditch the full-time hustle forever but are triggered thinking about it

- you want to find true peace in order to enjoy the life you've built

- want to ditch the guilt around the wealth you've already built

- want to calm your nervous system and step into safety and rest while scaling



- a clear plan of action for the next 6 months, 3 years,10 years and life goals

- renewed joy and commitment to your non-negotiables

- your business and personal life fueling one-another

- an elevated self-concept and clear direction for who you're intentionally becoming

- the ability to work less and make more money

- confidence that your business will grow while you rest and unplug

- alignment with the Lord and His ultimate plan for your life





Exclusive 55 min coaching sessions for 6 months
(26 calls). 



Access to Whitney via text and Marco Polo to give additional support in between sessions.

1:1 Life Coaching for Christian Business Owners

Jennifer, Functional
Medicine Coach


I have been intentional about implementing all we have discussed about mindset, especially around finances and how scary it is to ask for money. I came in today, increased my prices and presented a 4K plan reflecting the new pricing. Patient signed without batting an eye! I was so nervous but focused on not projecting my feelings about finances and offering my value. This is such a huge victory!! Thank you for all your coaching and support. 


You’re awesome. Thank you for holding space for me to voice my hesitations and fears, knowing I fully trust you and the process (your coaching has proven itself repeatedly since we’ve been working together). You understand that my resistance isn’t questioning your guidance, it’s exposing my hangups. Then you help me bring them to a healthy place so I can stop holding myself back. You are an incredible coach. Signing up with you is the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my business. 

The Well Mastermind for Christian Female Entrepreneurs

Heather, Nurse and Wellness Business Owner

If your ears were burning tonight, it was because I was speaking of you so favorably with a big group of friends of mine, some of whom I’ve been friends with of old and some of whom I just met tonight. But, I talked to them about how you are just impeccable. Impeccable timing, impeccable person, how you’re changing how I look at everything.​

I can’t believe how greatly you have impacted my life, and in more ways than one. As a Life Coach, you held space for me. Space to let me grow. Space to see the err in my ways of thoughts. Space to be witty. Space to be weary. You opened my eyes to see what was right before me, but hidden in my mind. You opened my heart to feel for those just “doing they best they can.” You opened my ears to listen to God’s leading. You opened my mind to know, think and confidently walk in belief in myself.

The Haven Collective for Christian Female Entrepreneurs

Stacey, Life Coach

I can honestly say that Whitney has over delivered for me.  When she says that she "holds space for you", I can assure you that this is absolutely true.  My time with her is very focused and undistracted.  She takes the time to ask the right questions, she really listens and helps me to recognize certain thought patterns that I've been repeating over and over in my life.  I have had more AHA moments than I can even count.  I've learned so much about healthy boundaries, avoiding burnout, she points out strengths and talents of mine that I didn't even realize I had, and her thought model training is life changing.  I have never felt judged in any way and she does not tell me what I should do in any situation, but helps me greatly in coming to my own conclusion. She has given me very valuable resources outside of her coaching as well.

Whitney has flung open the doors of my dreams without even realizing it. I didn't even realize it. I had signed up for clarity in the direction of my business and maybe a few personal things but I had no idea.

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