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Hey, I'm Whitney

I'm a Life Coach for ambitious, Christian women. I'm also a proud Jesus-Apprentice, mama to three beautiful kiddos and wife to the man of my dreams. 

I'm a closet minimalist (pun intended), silver-lining enthusiast and adventure seeker. If you're an enneagram follower, you know I'm a 7. I have an unhealthy obsession with otters, I HATE getting ready and putting on makeup and Bluegrass music will always be close to my heart.

After a 10 year DREAM career at a non-profit and working in Talent Acquisition, I knew it was unlikely that I'd find another role that I'd love as much as I did working with high level hiring managers and C Suite Executives. Then along came coaching.

I found my assignment coaching female entrepreneurs in their thoughts around rest and boundaries in order to streamline their personal lives while scaling their businesses. I work with clients on time management, uncovering their identity, removing limiting beliefs and focusing on the essentials so they can show up powerfully in life and business.

It's what I'm meant to do. 



In addition to coaching, I am passionate about motivational speaking. Coaching high achieving women for the last five years has given me a unique perspective and ability to see patterns that Christian Entrepreneurs are facing in today's landscape. In sharing my own story of having THREE dream roles, building two six-figure businesses and becoming an influential coach, I can help ambitious women uncover thought errors, discover breakthrough in their own life and business and re-ignite the passion and assignment God has uniquely qualified them for.

Here are some topics I LOVE to share about:

  • Reclaiming Your Identity as a Christian Female Entrepreneur

  • Affirmations vs Anchor Thoughts

  • Your Purpose vs Your Assignment and Why It's Important To Know The Difference

  • Confidence In Decision Making as a Believer

  • Curating Soul Rest and Why It's a Necessity, Not a Luxury

  • Prioritizing the Health of the Home Before the Health of Your Business

If you're interested in booking me for an event, fill out the form below and you'll be contacted within 24 hours.

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